IDEA Conference, June 9-11, 2011 Bryn Mawr College “Gender Justice and Development: Local & Global”

Posted May 6th, 2011 at 12:18 pm.

The past several decades have brought world-wide agendas about rights and justice to the forefront of international policy debates. Throughout the 1990s, international United Nations conferences opened space for debate on the environment, human rights, population, and women. While it can be said that the economic and political crises of the new millennium have slowed the pace of commitments to the pursuit of equality for all, debates about how best to promote equality and justice in and through the development process continue. Many organizations at the local, national, and global levels now understand gender to be a central factor in policies for alleviating poverty or promoting economic growth. The changes wrought by measures such as improving health care for women and children and increasing women’s access to education, property, and work show the key role that women can play in development processes. Moreover, these processes help to remove discrimination on the basis of gender and to alleviate the inequalities and injustices that discriminatory practices and traditions produce.
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