Meredith Monk Girlchild Revisited Sunday, Feb. 6, 2 p.m., McPherson Auditorium, Goodhart Hall

Posted September 15th, 2010 at 3:29 pm.


A groundbreaking performance when it premiered in 1973, Education of the Girlchild features Meredith Monk’s exhilarating voice, stirring presence, and the seamless melding of dance, music and visual theater for which she is renowned. Monk’s creation, one of the most influential works in the performance art movement, poetically conjures cycles of growth and change in a woman’s life. MacArthur ‘genius’ Monk will perform her solo from Education of the Girlchild, and with her Vocal Ensemble, music and movement selections from Key(1970) and Vessel (1971), revisiting the source of her prolific and original outpouring.

“…[Girlchild] is art at its best, art that pulses with energy and sets up sympathetic vibrations whichecho and reverberate down into our innermost selves.”—NY Metropolitan Review #30, 1972

As a Katherine Houghton Hepburn Fellow, Monk will be in residence at Bryn Mawr conducting workshops and symposia open to the public.

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