Course offering Fall 2010 “Mural Arts”

Posted September 15th, 2010 at 3:23 pm.

City 276: Mural Arts, Jane Golden and Shira Walinsky
The class will involve discussions of murals historically and through the present day. The class will also explore community-based practice and grassroots organizing through readings, research and volunteering to help high school students with college essay preparation. Students will be involved in the making of a large-scale mural whose concepts reflect intergenerational women’s leadership: its past, present and future. This will involve helping the muralist with the content, design and execution of the mural. Additionally, students will create posters (silk-screens and wood cuts), which spread awareness of women’s leadership and intergenerational partnerships. Through the process of creating the mural, videos and posters, students will also learn about color theory, graphic design and video editing. [Enrollment limit 15 students].

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