Hepburn Center sponsors a trip to see “Candide” at the Arden Theatre

Posted October 4th, 2008 at 6:18 pm.

On Thursday, October 2, 2008, the Hepburn Center sponsored an outing of 27 undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff to a performance of the Arden Theatre’s production of Candide – a production of Leonard Bernstein’s musical version of Voltaire’s classic satire. Four cars containing 14 people left campus at 5:30, navigating in various creative ways around the traffic jams caused by people heading toward the Phillies play-off game, and reached Olde City in time to have dinner at Pizzicato, an Italian restaurant near the Arden. They were joined in the private dining room by Amy Murphy, Hepburn Fellow and Managing Director of the Arden. With additional financial support from the Dean’s Office for the undergraduates’ dinner, the group enjoyed a light supper and then proceeded to meet up with a group of 12 other Bryn Mawr community members at the performance. The show, based on Voltaire’s novella, tells the story of a young man who, through a flood of misfortune, tries desperately to cling to the optimistic philosophy of his tutor, Dr. Pangloss, that “this is best of all possible world” and that God makes everything happen for a good reason. Candide starts as a naive youth with little to his name except his love of a beautiful young woman who is banished from his adopted home for a stolen kiss. As he encounters the horrors of the world in the form of both natural disasters (earthquakes and shipwrecks) and man-made villainy (war, murder, corruption, brutality, trickery, thievery, prostitution, and venereal disease), he and the other other characters struggle with the core dilemma of whether the world is essentially good or evil in this satire that straddles the line between comedy and tragedy. The Arden’s production featured innovating staging with the most minimal of props, a first-rate cast, and outstanding delivery of the songs, written by Leonard Bernstein and a host of lyricists, including Stephen Sondheim. Following the show, the Bryn Mawr group was greeted by the Assistant Director of the production, who facilitated a post-show discussion with the cast members.

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